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Awesome 2D LiDAR List Launched

Awesome 2D LiDAR List Launched

We have created an Awesome 2D LiDARs list on GitHub. The list includes the LiDAR specifications, protocols, wiring diagrams, software interface code, identification photos and videos as well as performance evaluations (when available).

The proliferation of consumer robotic vacuum cleaners equipped with low-cost LiDARs that map the living space keeps driving the cost of 2D LiDARs down dramatically. If you are looking for a 2D LiDAR for your ROS2 and/or Arduino robot project, you might find one at eBay or AliExpress for less than $20 retail - including shipping!

As of April 8, 2024 we have added 31 LiDAR models, including those from YDLIDAR, SLAMTEC, LDROBOT, 3irobotix, Camsense, Xiaomi and Neato.

As of April 8, 2024 our Awesome 2D LiDARs list has been mentioned (thank-you!) by

That said, for a DIY makers, at the moment, this technology area may feel a bit like the Wild West:

  • some LiDAR models do not have official datasheets available publically 🫤
  • some LiDAR models evolve over time - their specs change, while the model name remains unchanged
  • the maximum distance specification is often poorly defined (needs object reflectivity and ambient illumination specified)
  • the ambient light resistance is often poorly defined as well (needs object reflectivity, distance to object and ambient light spectrum)
  • it seems there is no independent authority offering 2D LiDAR models evaluations

On a positive note, in the long run, this kind of technology evolution should (hopefully) benefit consumers around the world.

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