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A Software Platform for Intelligent Robots.

Awesome 2D LiDAR List Launched

We have created an Awesome 2D LiDARs list on GitHub. The list includes the LiDAR specifications, protocols, wiring diagrams, software interface code, identification photos and videos as well as performance...

Tutorial: Connect LDLIDAR LD14P to Arduino ESP32

LDROBOT LD14P is a low-cost laser distance sensor. We have not yet evaluated its performance, but eyeballing this sensor’s output under indoor conditions makes us believe this sensor may have...

ROS2, micro-ROS Architecture Talk

A repost from the REMAKE.AI blog. On 2/27/2024 I had the pleasure of giving an invited technical talk for the ROS Embedded Working Group.

Arduino LiDAR library available

Developer Update - I have combined support for various spinning LiDAR/LDS sensors into an Arduino LDS library with a single platform API. You can install this library from the Arduino...

Arduino ESP32 ROS2 robot platform firmware available

Developer log update - I have combined various firmware including Maker’s Pet Loki, Fido and Snoopy into a single “platform” firmware repository and revised the single firmware to be...