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ROS2, micro-ROS Architecture Talk

A repost from the REMAKE.AI blog. On 2/27/2024 I had the pleasure of giving an invited technical talk for the ROS Embedded Working Group.

Arduino LiDAR library available

Developer Update - I have combined support for various spinning LiDAR/LDS sensors into an Arduino LDS library with a single platform API. You can install this library from the Arduino...

Arduino ESP32 ROS2 robot platform firmware available

Developer log update - I have combined various firmware including Maker’s Pet Loki, Fido and Snoopy into a single “platform” firmware repository and revised the single firmware to be...

Tutorial: Map, navigate your room in real time - ROS2

Here is a step-by-step tutorial creating a map of the room and navigating around the room using the newly-created map in real time. I’m using here a Windows PC running...

Tutorial: build Micro-ROS Arduino library makes use of Micro-ROS for Arduino. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to (re)build the Micro-ROS Arduino library.

Demo: robot maps, navigates a living room in VR sim

Here are reels demonstrating a home robot self-driving around the living room, creating a map of the room and navigating the room - all automatically. I have sped up...