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Tutorial: Windows PC setup

Tutorial: Windows PC setup

Here are instructions on setting up your local Windos PC.

Prerequisites and Hardware Minimums

  • Your Windows PC must be running Windows 10 or newer (to support WSL2).
  • Your Windows PC must have 4Gb RAM minimum (to run Docker), 8Gb or more recommended.
  • A fast local WiFi network is a must
  • Your PC will be running the bulk of the robot’s computation, including mapping, localization, navigation, image recognition and - at a later time - AI. Therefore, the faster your PC, the more RAM and the faster your GPU - the more responsive and smart your home robot will be. No, you don’t need a beefed-up PC right away, but please plan accordingly.

Windows PC setup instructions

  1. Install Windows WSL 2
  2. InstallDocker Desktop for Windows
  3. Install VcXsrv. VcxSrv displays GUI from the Docker Linux container, so you can - if you wish - develop hands-on using ROS2 Rviz2 robot viewer, Gazebo 3D robot simulator, rqt robot internals viewer and so on.
    • Once you have installed VcXsrv, launch c:\Program Files\VcXsrv\xlaunch.exe and set its display number to zero when prompted.
  4. Last but not the least, download the developer’s Docker image:
    • Open a Window PowerShell or command window.
    • Type docker pull kaiaai/kaiaai-ros-dev:humble.

Once your docker pull succeeds, you are good to go (fingers crossed)!

Credits: image by storyset on Freepik

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